Tomomi Saikyo

Tomomi Saikyō (彩京 朋美Saikyō Tomomi) is an upper-ed class lady at the Hakureiryō Academy. She is Hino's childhood friend. She is introduced when Hino bumps into her while running from a furious Flameheart. As an upper-class lady, she has a polite and refined attitude, which actually serves as a front to hide her true self: a manipulating prankster. She plays pranks on other people (usually on Hino, Selnia or both) to keep herself from being bored (though it eventually turns into jealousy after seeing them kiss) and is willing to withhold information from everyone (as in the case of the Hino-Khadim scandal when she decided to keep silent despite having found out the Khadim family rules, only revealing what she knew when things were starting to get too complicated) whenever she sees fit. Also there may be some cases where she involves others in situations to achieve certain ends (as when she assigned Hino to stay with Mimina for a day in order to inspire her to draw). According to Hino, she is highly intelligent and also dislikes losing to other people. It is revealed by Hino while she and him were on a date that, despite her constant pranks on him, he did in fact have a crush on her and his dream was to marry her when they grow up, which surprises and embarrasses Tomomi, showing that she reciprocates these feelings but never realized it until then.


Due to Tomomi's memory of her and Akiharu as children, it is hinted that she was a commoner before she became upper-class. As a childhood "friend" with Akiharu, she always played pranks on him (a hobby that still continues to this day). This includes embarrassing him in front of the whole elementary class by tricking him into saying he wants to become her bride when they grow up. This memory is still fond when mentioned to Akiharu, and he says the reason he said it is because he had a crush on her, which proceeds to embarrass Tomomi. These feelings are, in turn, returned to Akiharu as the series develops, as she is rivaling with Flameheart for his love. it was mentioned in the anime that her mother remarried and that was how she became part of a wealthy family


Tomomi is a teenager of average built (as in terms of curves, bust, etc.). She has black shoulder-length hair, amber eyes, and is fair-skinned. She does appear to be quite average in terms of height (as in comparing her height with the rest of the LvB cast). Her innocent demeanor offsets her true, mischievous self, as most people think of her as of a higher stature for an upper-ed class student. With this said, she has not changed much from her childhood. Most commonly she is seen wearing the red upper ed uniform with a violet ribbon in her hair and white panties, and more often than not, she is depicted as not wearing a bra.

Tomomi shown without a bra.


Tomomi is what every upper-ed class student aspires to be: smart, beautiful, and refined. Though this masks her true self: a mischievous sadistic prankster. Not changing much from her childhood, she entertains herself by playing pranks on other students (especially Hino and Flameheart) by putting them in compromising situations (e.g. groping and nudity). She greatly enjoys tormenting and victimizing Selnia, constantly exposing the latter's breasts in public or in front of male individuals.  She has developed feelings for Hino after he joined the academy as a servant, and is always one-upping Flameheart at everything from academics to professionalism. The only thing she does envy about Flameheart is her figure, especially her large breasts. Both are rivaling for Hino's affection, though it took Tomomi seeing Hino and Selnia kissing to realise her feelings.


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  • In the anime, a characteristic high-pitched giggle accompanied by a shadow and dark expression on her face signify whenever she is having an evil thought. In general, this precedes one of her pranks.
  • Her voice actresses in the anime are Ayako Kawasumi in the Japanese dub and Amber Lee Connors in the English dub.