Sanae Shikikagami (四季鏡 早苗Shikikagami Sanae) is a maid at Hakureiryō Academy. Previously an upper-ed, she had to drop down to lower-ed due to her family falling on hard times (finance problems). Her twin sister, Saori, is still fortunate enough to be in the upper-ed. She is a tad bit worse than the other maids/butlers at servicing the nobles as she is very clumsy and ends up either spilling the contents of the tray she was carrying or tripping (especially onto Hino in a compromising position). Still, she does not show if she necessarily hates her position, but is rather unfortunate at the task.


Sanae was a maid at the Hakureiryō Academy for quite some time, which signals her family's financial problems didn't happen recently at the time. Unknown if or how long she was a lady at the academy, she seems to lack the skills to be a professional maid. She is usually seen around with her sister when placing her meal, or at times when they are not in their usual positions at the academy (e.g. walking around the nearby town with her).


Sanae is mature in her appearance with gorgeous curves and an innocent complexion like her sister. She has large breasts, a slim waist and a fair skin tone. She also has long, green braided hair and yellow eyes. She wears the standard French maid outfit in most of her appearances in the show. She is very similar to her sister in terms of proportions.


Despite her appearance, Sanae has a childlike personality, much like her sister. She does not imply anything sexual when accidentally falling onto Hino in compromising positions, rather unorthodox how often it happens. She is also very innocent in behavior, as she ends up making a mess without making a big fuss about it, and at times can be quite shy or timid. She also seems to like Hino (romantically).


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