Pina Sformklan Estor
(ピナ=スフォルムクラン=エストーPina Suforumukuran Esutō) is an upper-ed lady at Hakureiryō Academy. She is the princess of a small island nation in the northern part of Europe. She transferred to Japan mainly because of her love for anime. She is usually around her fellow otaku/principal Kaede to play video games or talk about Magical Diva with her. She also likes to cosplay, as she was first introduced cosplaying as Magical Diva, though ends up falling off the trees in front of Hino. She is slightly embarrassed of this habit, as she does not discuss it openly until later on in the story.


Pina comes from a royal background from a small province of Europe as a princess. She developed her otaku habits by watching anime, such as Magical Diva, because she was indoors most of the time due to the cold weather and mainly watched anime. This eventually led to her request to go to Japan to pursue her otaku habits and was transferred to Hakureiryō Academy. She also soon became friends with Mimina and Hino.


Pina is a small, petite teenage princess. Strangely, she has blue hair and pink eyes. She also has a child-like appearance, like Mimina. Her attire consists of her small, distinguishing tiara and her royal white dress. She also does not seem to have developed a mature body like most of the LvB females.


Pina is child-like in terms of her personality, like Mimina. She is slightly embarrassed of her otaku habits, but later learns to embrace it. She also has times of being perverted, like when she groped Mimina while they were trying on clothes, or having her upper-ed friends (like Selnia and Tomomi) dress in provocative cosplay while making a manga novel.


  • Her last name is also spelled Estoh, but it is unknown which is the actual spelling of her name among fans.
  • She speaks in an "archaic dialect", mixing in words like "onushi" (お主, equivalent to "you") and adding "ja" (じゃ) at the end of sentences.
  • Her voice actresses in the anime are Mai Goto in the Japanese dub and Bryn Apprill in the English dub.