Kaoru Daichi (大地 薫Daichi Kaoru) is a Servant-Ed student at the Hakureiryō Academy. Despite her appearance, she is actually a girl. She has been ordered to secretly graduate Hakureiryō Academy as a male butler by her very strict father. She is assumed to be a Bishōnen (美少年) by her classmates, making her refined attitude and cool demeanor very appealing to the Upper-Ed classmen. She is always worried about her real gender getting exposed, especially with Akiharu's presence in the room. However, when Akiharu accidentally sees her naked from the waist up (with a towel held in front of her lower region), he showed no reaction and still is under the mistaken conception that she is a guy (mostly because she is flat-chested), and she was rather upset and embarrassed by this.


By flashbacks of her childhood, it is revealed that Daichi is the daughter of a dojo master. She spent most of her childhood at her dojo, and always wanted to be a normal girl. She did not really change from her childhood in terms of appearance. She has spent her whole time at the academy as a butler, and no one knew that she was a cross-dressing girl from this day on.


Daichi has quite the tomboyish appearance for a girl (due to her position as a butler). She has blue eyes, blue hair, pale skin, and a short height. She wears her standard butler outfit and has her hair styled into that of a man's. She also has bandaged her chest to prevent her breasts from growing/to keep them hidden, and also because this is standard for karate masters.


Daichi has quite the calm, level-headed personality that everyone seems to admire. Her charm also makes her much beloved to the point of love by the upper-class ladies. These traits have made her an idol (and the most popular) butler. As the series continues, she developed feelings for Hino, but can't admit them, so she felt like a precious friend instead.


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  • It appears that she has a black belt, as she was the daughter of a dojo master and showed great skill while fighting Hino in karate class.
  • Her voice actresses in the anime are Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese dub and Brittany Lauda in the English dub.