This is a list of characters from the light novel "Ladies versus Butlers!", and its Anime and Manga adaptations.

Servant-ed Classes Edit

Akiharu Hino, 日野 秋晴, Hino Akiharu
anime voice: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese), Daniel J. Edwards (English)
The main protagonist of the story, he is often seen as a delinquent because of his red eyes and rough exterior (accented by a scar on his left eyebrow). However, he has a caring personality, but is dense in regards of girls and love matters. Often times because of everyone's less than friendly perceptions he is often accused of performing perverted acts on the girls of the academy. His childhood friend Tomomi is often behind the schemes leading to these misunderstandings.
Kaoru Daichi, 大地 薫, Daichi Kaoru
anime voice: Rie Kugimiya
Akiharu's roommate and also a servant-ed student. She has many fans in the upper-ed section, and is mistaken to be a guy, but is actually a cross-dressing girl (because of a strict father, who told her to graduate from Hakureiryō as a man). She is rather cold to Akiharu at first, but slowly opens up to him. She is always worried about her real gender getting exposed, especially with Akiharu's presence in the room. However, when Akiharu accidentally sees her naked from the waist up (with a towel held in front of her lower region), he showed no reaction and still is under the mistaken conception that she is a guy, and she was a little upset and embarrassed by this.
Sanae Shikikagami, 四季鏡 早苗, Shikikagami Sanae
anime voice: Ami Koshimizu
A clumsy maid at the academy who always causes Akiharu much trouble. She also has an older sister, Saori Shikikagami. She used to be in the upper-ed, but because of her family falling on hard times, she was transferred over to the servant-ed. She shows much ineptitude for tasks required for a maid, and usually ends up making a mess.
Shingo Todoroki, 轟 慎吾, Todoroki Shingo
anime voice: Takafumi Kawakami
A member of the academy's servant-ed class and one of the few boys in the entire school. He is an outright pervert who admits that he only came to Hakureiryō because the girls who go to this school are either beautiful maids-in-training or high class ladies from prominent families. His pervertedness almost always causes him to sexually harass women and therefore invoke the wrath of Mikan.
Mitsuru Sanke, 三家 満, Sanke Mitsuru
anime voice: Ayumi Fujimura
A member of the academy's servant-ed class and one of the few boys in the entire school. He is rather a darling of the crowd, namely the ladies in the servant-ed class.

Upper-ed classes Edit

Tomomi Saikyō (彩京 朋美, Saikyō Tomomi) Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

Tomomi is an upper-ed student at the academy and is also Hino's childhood friend. Her polite and refined attitude serves as a front to hide her true self: a manipulating prankster. She plays pranks on other people (usually on Hino, Selnia or both) to keep herself from being bored (though it eventually turns into jealousy after seeing them kiss) and is willing to withhold information from everyone (as in the case of the Hino-Khadim scandal when she decided to keep silent despite having found out the Khadim family rules, only revealing what she knew when things were starting to get too complicated) whenever she sees fit. However, there may be some cases where she involves others in situations to achieve certain ends (as when she assigned Hino to stay with Mimina for a day in order to inspire her to draw). According to Hino, she is highly intelligent and also dislikes losing to other people.

Selnia Iori Flameheart (セルニア=伊織=フレイムハート, Serunia Iori Fureimuhāto) Voiced by: Mai Nakahara

As an upper-ed student at the academy, Selnia is extremely proud of her status as a part of the Flameheart family. She is often the unfortunate target in the various misunderstandings purposely caused by fellow student Tomomi Saikyo, which also normally involves Hino Akiharu. While outwardly harsh and condescending towards Hino, she continually appears to express concern for him when he finds himself in less than desirable situations, though this is usually followed a blunt lecture or a small beating. Her hairstyle is the reason why she is referred to as "Drill" by Hino (which upsets her) and in the anime, it spins and make sounds similar to a drill bit whenever she is upset, it has been hinted in several of the episodes that she may have feelings for Hino, including the episode where she kisses him as a reward for saving her life when she almost drowned, though she denies having any sort of feelings for him, but she does try to spy on Hino and Tomomi's "Date"

Pina Sformklan Estor (ピナ=スフォルムクラン=エストー, Pina Suforumukuran Esutō) Voiced by: Mai Gotō

She is the princess of a small country who transferred to Japan largely for her love of anime. She openly asserts her pride in being an anime otaku, and has contempt for the Japanese youths who can name any foreign opera or composer, yet do not even know the names of current anime in their own country; she is quite lonely since she has no one to talk to about anime, cosplay, or other otaku hobbies (other than their principal).

Mimina Ōsawa (桜沢 みみな, Ōsawa Mimina) Voiced by: Rina Hidaka

She is 19 years old despite looking 10 due to an illness, which has kept her in the hospital most of her life. She is a talented artist and hates having to draw for the sake of others, wanting to only draw what she likes. Although hating Akiharu at first, she starts to develop feelings for him when he stands up for her, telling other students that she only wants to draw for herself and not for others.

Suiran Fō (鳳 水蘭, Fō Suiran) Voiced by: Saori Hayami

Suiran is one of Selnia's closest friends. At times she utters Chinese words and wears the qi pao on occasion.

Saori Shikikagami (四季鏡 沙織, Shikikagami Saori) Voiced by: Yūko Gotō

She is the older sibling of the Shikikagami sisters but unlike her younger sister, she is an upper-ed student at the academy, having paid the required fees before their family fell on hard times. She has a habit of taking her clothes off without minding where she is, who sees her as she undresses or if it is appropriate or not. She also appears to be as ditzy as her younger sister although unlike her, she merely tends to strip her clothes off.

Ayse Khadim (アイシェ=ハディム, Aishe Hadimu) Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

She is very shy and hardly talks to anyone but her body guard. When Akiharu finds her changing in a classroom he is instantly engaged to her due to her family's customs about a man seeing a woman's skin unless it is her husband. Unknown to everyone else who tries to stop them from getting married, Ayse is in love with Akiharu and wants to marry him, and confesses to him. She has resolved to wait for him to love and choose her.

Hedyeh (ヘディエ, Hedie) Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu

She is Ayse's ever-loyal bodyguard who would faithfully protect and defend her mistress with her lethal-looking scimitar. When Hino accidentally saw Ayse naked, Hedyeh hounded him to the gates of Hell until Ayse gave up on him. She is always beside Ayse.

Tōichirō Kazamatsuri (風祭 灯一郎, Kazamatsuri Tōichirō) Voiced by: Shinji Kawada

The only male member of the academy's upper-ed class. He considers himself as the most beautiful creature in existence and as such and proclaims that he should be admired by everybody. Ironically, students usually avoid him because of his extreme narcissism, which they find creepy.

Others Edit

Kaede Tenjōji (天壌慈 楓, Tenjōji Kaede) Voiced by: Mariya Ise

Hakureiryō Academy's principal whose hobbies include playing eroge even at work. Her otaku tendencies tend to get in the way of her work, and lets her react to situations similar to what she sees in her games with excitement, usually leading to more misunderstandings. To keep her focused at more serious matters, she is often reprimanded by Mikan, who she is afraid of. She also sponsors the anime "Magical Diva" and as such has a large collection of items related to the anime including the original manuscript. She would want to talk more to Pina about it, but she is unable to do so easily because of Mikan, who has a close eye on her.

Mikan (深閑) Voiced by: Kumi Sakuma

The academy's head instructor who oversees almost all things related to the school. She is known for her mastery of all things related to becoming a maid or butler and her strict, cold demeanor towards those who slack off in the middle of duty and anything unrelated to school matters and as such, students and even the principal herself avoid provoking her. She uses fountain pens in the same way a ninja uses throwing knives with deadly accuracy.

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