Akiharu Hino (日野 秋晴 Hino Akiharu) is the main protagonist of the story. He decides to enter a boarding school, Hakureiryō Academy, because he no longer wants to burden his relatives. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department, where the school trains servants for high society. He is often seen as a delinquent because of his red eyes and rough exterior (accented by a scar on his left eyebrow). However, he has a caring personality, but is dense in regards of girls and love matters. Often times because of everyone's less than friendly perceptions he is often accused of performing perverted acts on the girls of the academy. His childhood friend Tomomi is often behind the schemes leading to these misunderstandings. Still, Akiharu starts finding his feet at the school and his relationships with the girls also get better.


Akiharu lost his parents when he was young and was adopted into his uncle's family. Feeling as if he was burdening his relatives, he decides to join Hakureiryō Academy, where the exam he took manages to get him qualified for entering the House Management Department, basically to be a butler. A progress in the story reveals that he was childhood friends with Tomomi Saikyō, a student of the upper-ed class that used to always prank Hino when they were younger, even to the point of tricking Hino into saying he wants to be a bride when he grows up in front of their whole elementary class. Not much else is known about his past besides this.


Akiharu's appearance resembles that of a delinquent. He has red eyes, a scar upon his left eyebrow, messy hair, and a rough exterior. This often leads to misunderstandings amongst the other characters, as he easily angered Flameheart with his presence/their first encounter. He also managed to make most of the upper-ed class ladies faint in fear after seeing him run amok on the academy grounds while running away from a furious Flameheart. This also proves to make him unpopular with the rest of the upper-ed, besides the ones he already knows (Pina, Tomomi, Selnia, etc.). Although his exterior can be deemed intimidating, he is quite caring in regards of personality, as he is not afraid to help someone in need.


Even though Akiharu may look like a thug, he has a caring and righteous personality. He has displayed remarkable amounts of compassion throughout the series, as when he was willing to catch a cat for Mimina to draw, or when he was helping out Daichi when she had love problems by giving her a lecture about love. Also, he is quite dense in regards to love matters and girls. This is proven in the end of the series where he does not figure out how both Tomomi and Flameheart were fighting for his affection/for the tickets to go to the new waterpark with him, where he gives both tickets to them. This leads to him getting punched by both girls and insults from the remaining butler/lady characters. Hino seems to prefer Selnia Flameheart as he is not afraid of her as compared to how he is with Tomomi. Akiharu admits that while in elementary school he wanted to be Tomomi Saikyō's "bride" it is unclear if he still feels this way about his childhood friend.

Relationships Edit

Selnia Flameheart Edit

Selnia and Akiharu have a semi-romantic relationship and they have kissed. Selnia has come off to like Hino and stalked him on his date. They often fight a lot for Hino's nickname as Miss Flameheart's nickname is Drills (named after her huge hair).


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  • He has an extremely low tolerance to alcohol, as he got drunk after eating a small, liquor-filled chocolate.
  • His voice actors in the anime are Kazuyuki Okitsu in the Japanese dub and Daniel J. Edwards in the English dub.
  • His birthday falls on the 6th of May and his star sign is Taurus.